SkipStep TM Hip – Osteoarthritis – Prophylaxis - Program


Fig. 1 – femoral head top view
Fig. 1 – femoral head top view

Osteoarthritis is mostly painful and a consequence of a progressed cartilage defect. Early cartilage defects are often limited to a small area not larger than a 1 Centime coin (see fig. 1 – for illustration). At the same time, surrounding cartilage may still remain in intact condition.

The herein presented program does not (yet) claim scientific evidence. The program rather reflects an amazingly simple approach, which already has achieved spectacular results on numerous people concerned.

The program is based on the reflections, that a great number of people do not use their joints as anticipated by nature. They use their joints in a too narrow range of motion with a local concentration of forces and related wear as a consequence. Too many people only move from their home to the means of transportation, then to the office or shopping centre and herein to the elevator or escalator


Fig. 2 - 2 steps at once
Fig. 2 - 2 steps at once

The program expects people concerned to use stairs whenever possible while always climbing 2 steps at once (see fig. 2). By climbing stairs with 2 steps at once, two goals can be reached simultaneously, i.e. (1) climbing stairs will lead to more movement and (2) by always climbing 2 steps at once the cartilage will be loaded at a supposed intact location with higher than usual loads.

The reasons, why this program has already led to relief of complaints with some people concerned is not completely known. Various reasons may play a role, e.g. (1) massage of cartilage, (2) transfer of synovial liquid, (3) shear displacement of intact cartilage towards defects, etc…

This program is extremely simple and can be integrated into daily living by everybody. No appointments at physiotherapy nor fitness studios are necessary, one need not to change clothes and no extra time is required.

The questionnaire shall serve to learn the statistical efficiency of this program.

signed Stefan Freudiger, biomechanical engineer (dipl. Ing. ETH)

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2 steps at once
Test this simple program free of charge and report using the enclosed questionnaire! Climbing stairs regularly should lead to first successes after 1 to 2 months.
Good luck!